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Reprice Call Requests

As you make requests to reprice calls within Active Calls, the requests are listed here. Once you make a request, CES sees the request and completes the action. Within the list, pay close attention to the Status column, this column tells you whether the request is not executed, cancelled, in process or completed.

Reprice Call Requests

Deleting a Request

 You can delete a request that has is not in process or executed.

1.       Within the Navigation pane, click the Accounting menu.

2.       In the Navigation pane, click Calls and Media Imports > Reprice Calls Requests.

Depending on the amount of records you have within your database, the list may not readily populate. To populate the list, perform one of the following actions:

·         Within the search box, type any portion of the record and then click the magnifying glass.

·         Click the Show All button.

3.       Within the list, highlight the request to be deleted.

4.       Within the Actions pane, click the Delete Request link.

Requests that are in process or completed cannot be removed or cancelled.

5.       If the request status is Not Executed, a message box displays telling you the request has been successfully cancelled. Click OK to continue.

Refresh Status

When you click the Refresh Status link within the Actions pane, the Status of each request refreshes. When a process in complete, the status changes to complete, and the records updated and records skipped columns display the appropriate numbers.


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